Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves...

We’ll keep it interesting and random, here are 20 facts about us:

  1. We're:  Marieta & Valentina
  2. We’re originally from a very beautiful country called Bulgaria. For those of you who don’t know where Bulgaria is, it’s in Eastern Europe. You won’t believe how often people ask questions like: Is Bulgaria in South America? Oooo, Bolivia! Is Bulgaria a state in the United States? We’re serious about the last one. Mind blowing, right?
  3. We met in our mother’s womb. We are identical TWINS. Yahoooo!
  4. We have a pet bunny. His name is Fluffy and he is the cutest little pet ever. So loving and playful. Oh, and when he dreams while sleeping, his little legs move as he is running. Adorable! 
  5. We had three dogs growing up: 
  • Vikki- our first dog was a Bichon Frise. We got her when we were 10 years old. She was very little but full of energy. 
  • Kaiser-our second dog was a black Doberman. In German Kaiser means ‘Emperor’. He was extremely smart, he knew all commands in four different languages- Bulgarian, English, German and Russian.
  • Sarah-our third dog was a German Shepherd. Sarah loved going for long walks on the beach and swimming in the Black Sea every summer. She was a cuddler. Every night after dinner she hung out with the us on the couch until it was time to go to bed.
6. We get asked this questions a lot, why don't you currently have a dog? As many of you know, losing a dog could be devastating. Imaging losing 3. We're so heartbroken when we lost our third dog, we decided to take a break until we were ready for our next dog/s.
7. Why did we decide to start a dog business? When our last dog passed away, we made a promise to ourselves that one day we would open a pet store. The truth is we never had time to focus on making this dream a reality. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, it changed millions of lives, including ours. We had to re-evaluate our lives and decided to act on what was once a dream and a promise. Here we’re now, living our dream, owning an online dog business, and loving every minute of being business owners.
8. A hidden talent, we were classical pianists for 20 years. We still play for fun.
9. We were track and field champions at 13 years of age.
  • Marieta ran marathons, long jump, and relay race
  • Valentina ran sprints, long jump, and relay race

10. We love readying books and the last one we read was, "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma.

11.What motivates us the most is being the best versions of ourselves. Growing up in Eastern Europe was challenging at the same time rewarding. We learned from a very young age how to believe in ourselves, be very independent, confident, and not afraid of anything. We believe motivation comes from within, not from outside. The biggest mistake people make in life is listen to the external environment- friends, family, social media, TV, news. When in reality, we already have all the answers and motivation we need, we just have to listen to our inner voice and follow it's guidance. 

12. Hobbies: Piano, Traveling, Workout, Hiking, Cooking, Decorating, Puddle Boarding, Journaling, Spending time with God (readying the Bible). 

13. We have different favorite holidays,  Valentina loves Christmas and Marieta loves Thanksgiving.

14. Being fit is very important to us. We love going to the gym to lift weights. We also enjoy going for long walks by the beach and explore different hiking trails. California weather is the best, we can get outdoors any time of the year and it’s never too cold or too hot.

15. If we had a warning label, it'd say: Live in the moment! Enjoy what’s happening to you right now, don't live in the past or the future.

16. Who knows us best:  My Twin!

17. Our biggest accomplishment was to come to the United States to pursue the American dream. We arrived all alone in 2004 to go to college. We got our undergraduate degrees in Public Relations and Electronic Media (Radio/TV) from a private college in the United States. We also have Masters degrees in Public Relations from the United Kingdom. Growing up our mother was our biggest supporter and encourager. She always told us how important education was to get further in life. 

18. We're fashion models for many years in Bulgaria, Chicago and Florida. At 16 years of age, we became runaway models. We've won multiple beauty titles throughout the years, but the ones that meant the most to us were:

  • Valentina won a title The Most Beautiful Girl in Burgas in 2003, and Marieta won a title The Most Beautiful Girl of Natural Pearls. 
19. We LOVE food! Growing up our grandmother cooked the best dishes ever. Some of our favorite traditional Bulgaria meals are: 

20. We enjoy listening to: Classical Music, Rock, some Metal, EDM, and Country.

Why do we love and believe in our products so much?

Many of the distributors we work with started small. They continue to work very hard to create the best quality products for your dogs. All our distributors and products are located and manufactured in the United States. Due to COVID, many small businesses had to close their doors. 

We strongly believe in supporting small businesses located in the USA. We can all help our country by choosing to work with US manufacturers. We can help our economy get better and provide more jobs for people living here.

How did this product creation came about?

We remember how frustrated we felt when our dogs gots dirty from the beach and we had to go home and spend hours bathing them (sometimes we wondered if we were bathing the dogs or they were bathing us). But dry shampoos for dogs didn't exist back then. Going to the groomers wasn't that popular in Bulgaria, so most dog owners did it themselves.  So, this is what got us motivated to create this product. 

Dog Dry Shampoo

We created our own product line of dry shampoos for dogs. They are handmade here in Orange County, California. We love and believe in our products, because we have spent countless hours researching, readying, and studying every ingredient that's in the dry shampoo. We only use organic ingredients, which are beneficial to your dog’s skin/fur. 

You must be asking yourself, why should I care? Well, if you've gotten thus far down the page, it means you are interested to learn about our company. It also means you love your dog just as much as we loved our 3 dogs and now 10 year old bunny. You want the best for them. We do too! 

- Our Mission -

To provide the highest quality Pet Products, and to bring joyful experience to you and your pet.

"We hope that our products bring you and your pets joy, comfort, entertainment, and lots of laughter. Please reach out to us via email at or simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and let us know how we could be of service".

With all our love,

Marieta & Valentina