What If You Really Want a Dog But You Are So Scared To Pick The Wrong Breed?

What If You Really Want a Dog But You Are So Scared To Pick The Wrong Breed?

If you are looking for the perfect breed, physical characteristics and behavioral traits are important.

You need to know as much as possible to determine if your home and family are the most suitable for it.

If you want to adopt a dog, consult a veterinarian or a dog specialist. They have experience and can help you find what kind of characteristics you are looking for in a dog.


Types of purebred dogs

In general, purebred dogs fall into one of the following recognized categories:

  • Shepherd and Shepherd Dogs

  • Pinschers and Schnauzers

  • Terriers

  • Dachshunds

  • Spitz and primitive breeds

  • Beagles

  • Birders

  • Retrievers

  • Decorative dogs for company

Each category has several dozen breeds with specific characteristics. But all dogs within the same category share several main features.


Greyhounds and sport dogs are hunters and chase prey. Some rely on good eyesight, others on their sense of smell. But generally everyone can count on their exceptional speed and competitive spirit.


Terriers are a breed which catches small prey, especially one that digs holes and hides in them. They are good pets, but if they don't get enough exercise, they can damage furniture and carpets.


Working dogs
The working dog breed follows humans and their commands. They're very obedient and loyal when well trained. For years they've been serving humanity as guide dogs. They're rescuers and helpers in the daily lives of people with disabilities.
"Decorative" dog breeds
The name "Toy-dogs" comes from the word "toy". These breeds are decorative dogs who keep their owner’s company. That's why they spend almost all their time at home next to family members.
Differences in social contacts
Different breeds of dogs differ in their weight and size. There's also a great variety in the social relationships they need. Some dog breeds such as Labrador, Collie and Golden Retriever meet many people. The Japanese Akita Inu prefers closer social ties with only one family member. Akita Inu finds it difficult to allow intimacy with strangers.
Need for movement
Different breeds of dogs also have different requirements for the exercise they need. Working breeds need a very active lifestyle, a large yard or a nearby park where they can run and play.
Some dog's main purpose is to be good keepers of large areas, such as German Shepherd and the Rottweiler
Caring for the dog
Finally, different breeds need different amounts of food and fur care. You need to consider these factors when choosing your new pet. Before you choose your dog, ask yourself how much free time you have. This will help you determine the breed you should get for you and your family.
Dogs of mixed breeds
When you think of mixed-breed dogs, or so-called non-purebred dogs, what comes to mind? Not good dogs. Well, they don't boast of pure pedigree like their purebred brethren. But don't underestimated them. These dogs adapt a lot quicker with the proper training and socialization.
When you adopt them from the shelter, they are free. You can expect to get a dog much healthier, more resilient, and no less intelligent in many ways.
Everyone has different requirements for the dog they want to get. Your task is to study the different breeds and choose the one that best suits your needs and your lifestyle.


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