Are You Making This 1 Deadly Mistake when you Bathe Your Dog

Are You Making This 1 Deadly Mistake when you Bathe Your Dog

If you take your dog to the groomers or you bathe him yourself every single week, STOP IT NOW!
After a long walk and fun time with your dog, comes the moment you dread the most, "shower time". Trust me, it is "equally enjoyable" for your dog too, NOT! Dogs that love the shower are rare.
As their loving and caring owners, the difficult task of bathing them falls on you. It's good to follow some golden tips that will help your hygiene mission.
Find out what rules you need to follow to make bathing your dog an easy and enjoyable job for both of you.

  1. When to bathe your dog?
    If your pet serves as a guard and spends most of his time outside, then it's best to choose a sunny and warm day to bathe him.
    In case the cold period of the year has already come, be sure to put your dog in a well-heated room after a bath. Let him spend at least one night there until his fur is completely dry.
    If you live in an apartment, you should bathe your dog in the evening. Dry hair completely before walking outside the next day.
    How often should we bathe our dog?
    To answer this question, you need to consider:
    1. What breed is your dog?
    1. What is his coat?
    The general golden rule is that you should bathe your dog once every 4 to 8 weeks. But you should decide for yourself whether it should be a little more often or a little less often.
    If your dog is healthy and has thick hair, it's enough to bathe him once every 3 months. There is a danger of damaging the natural protective layer of the hair, which makes it flexible and shiny.
    Even if less than 3 months have passed since the last shower, it's advisable to bathe your dog if it's dirty.
    If your dog has soft fur, then the golden rule is to bathe him every 3 months.
    In case his fur is velvety soft and longer, it's desirable to bathe your fluffy pet every 2 weeks.
    If you are dealing with curly hair, bathing is good to do before each haircut. Do it once every 2 months.
    No matter what type of coat your dog has, it's necessary to comb iy after each bath.

Where is the best place to bathe the dog?

If you have a bathtub at home, it's best to use it when bathing your dog. To do this, place it on a firm attached insole to prevent it from slipping or falling. A basin to put inside the bathtub can also do a good job.
If your puppy is small in size, it's advisable to put a board on the walls of the tub and put a basin on it to bathe him.
If you don't have a bath, place the dog on the floor in the bathroom, next to the shower. Note that you should not point his head at the door of the room, so as not to cause his escape.

How to bathe your dog?

One of the mandatory procedures before going to the bathroom is to comb his hair (if it's long).
We recommend you prepare everything you need for bathing: shampoo, conditioner, cotton swabs, ear brush, and dry towel.
The water should be of normal heat, as similar as possible to the body temperature of the animal.
Be prudent and avoid going out of the bathroom during the bath to get something. At this point, your dog will immediately take advantage of your absence and will also come out of the wet room.
Important: Before starting the bath, put cotton swabs in the dog's ears, which will protect the ears from water entering them. You don't want it to develop an infection. After finishing the bathroom, you can remove them, of course.
If you wet his head first, he'll want to shake. So start with the body and finally wash the dog's head.
It's not advisable to pour the shampoo on his skin. Pre-pour some of the detergent in your hand, dilute it with water and only then apply it on the dog's back.
It's not good to pour shampoo directly on the skin. Many people have started buying dog bath bombs, which dilute in the water. Then the only thing you have left is to pour water over the dog’s skin until the organic oils and ingredients cover the fur.


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