These 6 Signs Will Tell You If Your Dog Is Depressed

These 6 Signs Will Tell You If Your Dog Is Depressed

Many of us think that only people can feel emotions, but this isn't true.
According to Doctor Rachel Barrack, NY Animal Acupuncture, “Animals experience a full range of emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness and even depression.”


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Your dog is also capable of feeling emotions and this includes feeling unhappy too. The difference between people and animals is that animals can't communicate with us verbally and let us know when they feel down. To find out if your dog feels sad or depressed, here are 6 signs to find out.

1. Your dog won’t eat

Dogs usually don’t eat much when they feel anxiety or stress. They want to be alone and not bothered. If your dog is around the dinner table every night, but out of the blue he stops hanging around you, your dog might be dealing with some stress or anxiety.

2. Your dog bites

If your dog is typically very calm, relaxed and doesn't bite, but one day he gets angry when you pet him, this is a sign you have to leave him alone. Most likely he is dealing with some kind of negative emotions, stress, or anxiety. It is nothing personal. Make sure you pay close attention to your dog in the next few days to see if he improves or his behavior gets worse.

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 3. Your dog hides

If your dog is always around you, this means that everything is normal. But, if you notice that your dog keeps a distance, wants to be alone for a long period of time, and avoids you, this could be a sign that he is sad, depressed or anxious.

 4. Your dog sleeps less or more

If your dog is depressed, you can notice that his sleeping habits will change too. He will either sleep too much or not enough. This is a sign of an unhappy dog. If this happens seek help with the Vet.


     Photography by Ryan Stone 


      5. They need your attention and care more than usual

If you notice any rapid change in your dog’s behavior, acting unusual, this might be a problem. Change of behavior in your dog is a clear sign that he is trying to tell you that something is wrong. Never ignore your dog’s signals, immediately contact your Vet for help.

    6. Your dog ignores commands

Does your dog always follows your commands? But then one day without any reason, he stops following your commands to sit down, stay firm, or go for a walk. These could be signs that your dog is feeling negative emotions or even depression.

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