5 Reasons You Should Consider Leather Products for Your Dog

5 Reasons You Should Consider Leather Products for Your Dog

Leather goods have been used by many people for centuries. Yet, with new quality materials arriving in the market daily, you might wonder why you should invest money in buying your pet a leather leash instead of a regular one. 
Here are five reasons why leather products will always win in the long run.



Leather is one of the toughest most durable and flexible materials out there. Created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, mainly from cattle. It takes manufacturers a lot of time to make leather products breathable, resistant, and easy to maintain. 

Most common leather purchases include, belts, shoes, bags, hats, jackets, wallets, and furniture coverings.



Genuine Leather doesn't crack or peel off. This material has shown time and time again that it is very unlikely to find mites or fungus in leather. 




Leather never goes out of fashion. People who wear leather clothes look more elegant and powerful. Leather briefcases look more classy than a plastic briefcase. Imagine you go to the office and you are carrying a quality leather briefcase. Would the people in your office be able to tell the difference between an expensive and cheap briefcase? Of course, they would. 


Easy to clean

Leather is very easy to maintain. Regular polish will do the work. You don't have to invest too much time, because leather is lint and dust-free. Simply use a sponge and a damp cloth and your product will be dry in no time.  


At first, leather products might seem expensive, however the long-term investment and advantage you gain from owning a leather leash, bag, wallet, will cost you much less, than if you bought something cheap.  
A good quality leather leash will last you at least five or more years. Plus, your pet will feel and look better than your neighbors. 

Check out Tony Perotti for example, they offer superior quality, handcrafted classic leather creations. 


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