3 Indoor Games You Can Play with Your Dog While in Quarantine

3 Indoor Games You Can Play with Your Dog While in Quarantine

Now that you are staying home more than ever, you have the perfect opportunity to come up with fun games for your dog. Didn't take any breaks before? Now you have the perfect reason to start taking the necessary breaks between virtual meetings.


1. Hide-and-Seek

When you were a kid you remember playing hide-and-sick with your siblings and friends. If you have a dog and are looking for things to do while staying at home, you can have some fun playing with your pet. In order for you to play this game, your dog needs to know the basic commands, such as sit, stay and come. Go to a room with your dog and have them sit, then walk out and hide in a different room, then call their name. When they find you, celebrate their accomplishment. This will motivate them to find you next time you play again.

 2. Obedience Training

Training your dog to obey to your commands could be very useful. It can be fun for your dog, because you are keeping him occupied. But it's good for you too, when you take him to the park and he interacts with other dogs. If he isn't trained to respond to you in a positive way, this may cause an unpleasant experience with other dog owners. Obedience-retrieving dumbbell is a great tool to use for a practice session.

3. Obstacle Course

You can get creative with this game and make it as challenging for your dog as possible.
Place chairs down for him to navigate through
Stack books for him to jump over
Use boxes for your dog to crawl through

4. Cardio Twist

This is a training game you can play with your dog, regardless of whether you're training your dog for a competition. You can set up chairs or even family members and instruct your dog to heel alongside. You can change the pace from fast to slow, which will encourage your dog to concentrate and develop better balance. This is a great way for your dog to get his cardio workout.

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