Did Your Dog Make The List of Breeds with Health Problems?

Did Your Dog Make The List of Breeds with Health Problems?

When you choose your pets, you want to make sure they're smart, kind, obedient, and in good health. Even if your dog has good genes, it doesn't mean there won't be potential health problems as your dog gets older. But, there're dog breeds that are less susceptible than others to dangerous diseases. If you want your pet to live longer, regular veterinarian visits, a good diet, and exercise would do the trick.

Here're the most common health issues you may face if you have one of the below dog breeds.


Did you know that in Egypt, the most popular bog breeds was the Basenji dog? These dogs don't bark at all because they have a special throat structure. Basenji dogs can live 12 years or more, and their owners rarely face serious health problems. This breed is likely to have thyroid disease. So, watch out for that.


If you visit the ancient pyramids, you'll see images of greyhounds on the walls. Greyhounds live an average of 13 years and are the fastest dogs in the world. These dogs have excellent eyesight and are generally healthy throughout their lives. Heads up, greyhounds are prone to bloating. So make sure you feed your dog with a healthy diet.


Foxhounds or English Greyhounds are breeds to hunt foxes. They're healthy and live to 13 years. It's true that it's necessary to check the diet and activity of your dog, as this breed is prone to obesity.

German Pinscher

Intelligence and infinite energy are skills, the German Pinscher has. They live up to 14 years. This is one of the oldest German dog breeds for breeding rats. Pinschers are in good health and aren't susceptible to many diseases. But, pay attention on his eyes and hips.

Siberian Husky

If you've always wanted to get in shape, but are still making excuses, it's finally time. Your husky is begging you for long walks and fresh air. If you live close to the beach or the mountains, what better way to enjoy the summer sun and fresh air. What are you waiting for? Your husky is a very athletic dog, with an incredible energy, and muscular structure. The lifespan of a husky is approximately 14 years. Regular checkups can prevent the development of vision and hip problems.

Border Collie

Border Collies are the smartest dogs on the planet. They're usually durable and healthy, with an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. But some of them can develop deafness.

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