10 Popular Dog Breeds That Are Considered Difficult

10 Popular Dog Breeds That Are Considered Difficult

There are different reasons why people want to buy dogs. But there are also many reasons why some people give them up. Some common examples: sudden allergy, childbirth, material factor, and lack of time. It also happens that the owner was not prepared for the peculiarities of a particular breed. It's easier to find an approach to some dogs, while others can't without special training. Some four-legged pets can cause you a heartache and disobey, bite, and destroy your house. Here are the top 10 difficult dog breeds you should be aware of.

1. Dachshund

The most recognizable breed in the world is popular for its compact size. But few people expect to see a real hunter at home. The difficult nature of the dachshund is the result of insufficient workload. Don't act surprised if your dog "dig" the floor and ledges of your house. You took a sofa dog who turned out to be a hunter, Surprise, surprise!
Dachshunds tend to poop anywhere in the house. They also have a love for cables, even if you buy toys, your dog will play with them, but the cable chewing will not stop. Internet cables, phone chargers, headphones could be another target. This breed is very active and needs a few walks per day. Some dachshund’s owners describe them as arrogant and emotional.

2. Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd Dog)

These undisturbed giants are often taken to the yard to guard an object or enterprise. Sad but true, people will not take such a large animal into an apartment. Alabai, who have lived all their lives outside, most often don't have any skills for living in an apartment. It's very difficult to tie them in adulthood and adapt to a new life. This breed is complex, you need to love them and the dog must understand who the boss is in the house. If trained from a young age, alabai make beautiful and intelligent dogs.

3. Husky

Those blue eyes can be deceiving . Husky puppies are adorable little wolves with a fluffy coat that can't leave you indifferent. When they grow up, they become very active, playful. With a lack of movement they begin to break everything in the house. There are many complaints about the unbridled appetite and active play of the husky. If not cared for, leads to tons of fur throughout the house.
If you are working from home, you might be able to manage keeping your dog active. But if you go to the office every day, you may end up finding your house destroyed one day. The first thing that you will have to put away are your slippers and shoes. Well this is if you are a shoe lover, because your husky may end up eating them. The husky chews everything, not just shoes, one day you can find wholes in your jeans. 
When you take walks, you always need a leash, or your dog may throw itself at other animals. Husky dogs strive to escape somewhere.
Your husky dog will be happy to update your interior. They have design skills. They tend to enjoy removing your wallpaper. Husky dogs like to rearrange furniture, and they can move kitchen table, chairs, small bedside tables.
When it comes up to toys- in a few days your husky will eat your rubber balls. You will need to buy new tennis balls after one day of playing.

4. English bulldog


The appearance of a bulldog can scare away any potential intruder, but that's all he can do. After decades of breeding, much of the initial aggression has disappeared. This dog is very dependent on man and his place in the house is comparable to the place of a child. Due to their physiological characteristics, bulldogs need a lot of care. Starting with regular massage (because they can't even scratch, much less lick). And end with wiping the folds of the face and tail.
Bulldog maintenance is quite expensive. Many of them have health problems and don't tolerate intense stress. They often need specialized nutrition and frequent health checks. Vet visits could be very expensive, so if you think you could provide the proper care for a bulldog, then get one. If you don’t have money to support your furry friend, picking a different dog breed will be your best option.

5. Rottweiler

This powerful dog can be both a watchdog and an affectionate member of the family, but it needs a strong man next to it. Sometimes women and children can't handle a Rottweiler. There're also complaints of aggression and uncontrollability. Most often all this happens due to lack of proper education. When the Rottweiler looks dangerous, many owners can't handle the emotions and end up looking for a new home for their pet.
If you train your dog the right way, it doesn't matter what size it is, it will walk on a leash, and obey its owner. If you are a first time Rottweiler owner, you shouldn't hesitate to get a trainer. Something else you could do is to write, call and ask questions about parenting this breed.
Some questions you can ask yourself before you become a dog owner are: 
  1. When I go on vacation, where will I leave my dog?
  1. Do I have time to walk my dog two or three times a day?
  1. Am I willing to get up at 6am?
If your answers are, "well, I don’t know". Then you should wait until you are ready to take on this huge responsibility of raising a dog. 


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