10 Popular Dog Breeds That Are Considered Difficult (Cont.)

10 Popular Dog Breeds That Are Considered Difficult (Cont.)

6. German Shepherd

The first image I get when I hear the name German Shepherd is to think K-9. Many of these dogs serve all their lives in the police, the army, and the guard state-owned enterprises. But, when they "retire", they have to look for a new family. People take German Shepherds as a companion after watching the popular "police" series. If you like this breed, you should know that German Shepherds need competent training. Otherwise you may not be able to cope with their instincts. 
These dogs can be aggressive towards new people if they don’t feel comfortable. If you don’t have enough patience or experience, don't get a German Shepherd as your dog of choice. There are plenty of families who will spend the time and training on this breed.

7. Labrador

Labrador are often used in advertisements. Picture this, a mother the "ideal housewife", with her pink happy baby and Labrador. The Labrador suffers from its incredible popularity. It's an ideal family companion and babysitter. People believe in advertising, they take a dog and then it turns out that it is not a toy. It smells, sheds hair, drools and generally creates a lot of trouble that the ad is silent about.

 8. Akita Inu

The smiling faces are familiar to many from the movie "Hachiko". In everyday life, Akita Inu are not so harmless. They have a special character. They are fast and smart, they love their master, but they make it clear that they don't need him. Besides, they are distrustful of strangers and don't like other people's children. 
The Akita breed likes being active and you will need to walk him 2-3 times a day. Keep your shoes in a safe place if you don't want holes in them. Your Akita will eat your shoes, gnaw on your furniture, and ruin your relationships with your neighbors. No one likes barking. This beed loves eating good food, trained, combed, and taken to a veterinarian.

9. Cocker Spaniel


Owners often cannot cope with the hunting instincts of a dog that chases cats and drags poultry. The health and appearance of any spaniel requires a lot of attention. You may need to spend extra care for their hair, eyes, ears, which are prone to disease. For many, these are unnecessary obligations. The breed is hunting and requires great effort to trim the coat and provide load. Physical activity is a necessity for them.
"Spaniels can't stand being alone. When you leave him alone in the house, he barks all the time. Sometimes it could be half an hour, and sometimes he may not stop until you get back."

10. Pitbull

Many people think that pitbulls are the fighting breed. Many take them to boost their self-esteem and create an image in the eyes of others as the owner of a serious dog.
A huge number of pitbulls have to to look for new families due to the fact that the owners don't have time to deal with them. Another reason is the lack of education, so they become dangerous. Those who decide to have a pitbull must think beforehand. This is a very good test for those who don't yet have children. Pitbulls have the character of a child - you can raise him, but you will need no less strength than raising a child.
The opposite happens when a guard dog, turns out to be too affectionate. Pitbulls are reliable friends and protectors, but don't cultivate aggression in them. And all the negative things people say about pitbulls are ignorance of the breed.

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